5 Reasons you’re not Following your Dreams & How to Start

Over all the years I’ve studied and worked in the personal growth industry, I’ve found that there are 5 common things that stop people from following their dreams. Find out where you’re being stopped and use these tips to start fresh!

1.) You don’t believe you’re worthy

This one is a BIG one for people. Most people are under the impression that they’re not good enough as they are. This comes from societal programming, inherited ancestral beliefs and years of self-doubt and self- criticism. BUT you have the power to change that! Like any new pattern or habit, it takes some time to set in but once you gain momentum with thinking thoughts that uplift you, support you and remind you that you’re an amazing person who is worthy of all your dreams coming true (and more!), you won’t have an issue with taking action on your dreams. Just catch yourself when you think unworthy thoughts and flip them to ones that say YOU ARE worth it! You’ll be surprised by how many more beautiful, loving things flow into your life simply by knowing you deserve them.

2.) You don’t believe you have enough time, money or support

Look I get it, so often our life’s circumstances seem so solid and overwhelming and REAL. But what you have to remember is that your life’s circumstances are a reflection of your own consciousness, and your life’s creations stem from the beliefs that you hold. You’re painting that beautiful (or sometimes not as beautiful) picture you see before you. So the good news is, you have the ultimate say in what you choose to believe and how you choose to view the world, so you can make a change right now. Begin by telling a NEW story. “I have all the time I need to accomplish my dreams and goals,” “All the right people come into my experience at the perfect times to help me along my path,” “I am guided and assisted with all the money I need to fulfill my life’s purpose.” Even if you don’t believe it at first, know that by continuing to tell a new story and soothing yourself out of the pain of the old story, your outer reality will soon begin to shift. Again our circumstances only SEEM solid, it only looks like it will be like this forever. But it won’t, it can’t! Not if you change your story.

3.) You’re scared

Whether you’re scared of failure, scared of success, or scared of change in general, you have found a way to keep things status quo! And it’s common. But often it becomes more painful not following your heart than it would be if you just jumped in and ‘got it over with’! I use the analogy of jumping into cold water, I’ve always been a bit of chicken when it comes to that. But the longer I stand there staring at the water, fearing the coldness I’ll experience, the fear grows larger. Soon an ant hill turns into a mountain and I’ve talked myself out of it all together! But wait, I’ve just missed out on the invigorating feeling I’d get once I’m in the water, the benefits it has on my body by circulating my blood cells, plus all my friends are already in the water having fun. You’ll never feel ready, but if you just get started many more doors of opportunity will open for you. Maybe it just looks like taking a baby step, great! You’re one step closer toward living your dreams! If it’s failure that you’re scared of, look at all the times you succeeded and ask yourself why can’t you succeed again? If you’re deathly afraid of what your friends would think if you fail, ask yourself if you’d want to stay friends with people who would judge you for failing anyway. If you’re afraid of success, get curious about who you’re worried might be jealous of you. Imagine that your success would inspire those people even if it brings out their some of their jealousy too. If you’re worried your success would create too much responsibility and you might feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that the Universe only gives you what you can handle at any given moment. You’ll never be handed more than that.

4.) You’re in dream limbo

You have so many dreams and you’re unsure which dreams to go for. You don’t feel decisive about what route to take or dream to fulfill so you bop around and around to different dreams, putting out wishy-washy ideas and intentions. If you don’t steer your ship, at least to some degree, how will you end up where you want to go? You’ve got to get clear about what your truly want in order for the Universe to meet you halfway and help you manifest your dreams. To do this, set aside some time to ask your heart or higher self what it is that you TRULY want, and what brings you the highest excitement right now. You may write the questions out on a piece of paper and put it by your nightstand before you go to bed, then see what your dreams show you. Or do the same thing before meditating and see what comes up during your meditation. You can also be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities in your waking life that your higher self/the Universe may be sending you. I know many synchronistic things have happened to me, like “randomly” meeting two different people in two different places who raved about the coaching program I was considering, a book seemingly popping off the shelf at the time I needed it most, the strong feeling that I’m meant to attend a certain event, and so on.

5.) You’re dream isn’t aligned

You’re focused on something your heart doesn’t actually want, you think you want this dream but your heart and soul doesn’t…So you’re trying to push things along but you’re getting stopped left and right because it’s not in alignment with your higher purpose or path. This is also common as our ego likes to pick and choose what it wants to experience and what dreams it would like to see play out but quite often the main reasons our ego wold like these dreams are so we will feel more loved, validated or admired by others. It comes from a place of lack and unworthiness. One of my earlier dreams in my mid twenties was to work at Calvin Klein. Why? Because it was one of the most well-known brands in America. Why would that make me happy? Well, because deep down I thought that I would gain the love and attention from friends and family that would finally fill that hole within me that always needed filling. This hole represented a part of me that didn’t feel good enough as I was and if only I could be, do or have this wardrobe, that hot boyfriend, the cool job title, then finally I would be good enough. It was hard to admit to myself later that that was a large part of the reason I called Calvin Klein into my experience. And after a couple years of living “the dream life” I thought would make me happier, I eventually found out that it didn’t. But once I finally admited to myself that my soul wasn’t passionately on fire, I was able to move onto what my heart was truly calling me toward. If you find yourself in this position, do the exercise in number 4 by asking your higher self what you TRULY want. Be fervent about making your most aligned choice. You won’t regret it because when your dreams are truly aligned, it’s like you have wings at your back, helping with synchronicity after synchronicity to make your them a reality. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how truly happy, fulfilled and on fire you are about life and what you’re creating.


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