Activate: Ignite your Imagination & Become a Conduit for your Creative Essence 


Creativity is our natural born expression, but as innate as it is, most of us don’t use our creative capacities to the extent we are truly capable of. In school we were taught to ‘sit down and listen up,’ to follow instructions, to perform as we are told. This gives little space for our creative imagination to flow freely and dulls our unique inner voice. In today’s world, it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind, not realizing that our very existence has become rigidly scheduled and mechanized. Does your spirit long for more creative flow and expression, free from internationalized barriers, time stamps and limitations? Do you crave to channel your creativity to forge new pathways of possibility in your life? 

Activate is a six-week journey designed to guide you in sparking your feminine creatrix magic and channeling this into the creation of your life. 

In this container we will reclaim our cyclical nature, let go of linear timelines, open to our multidimensionality and embrace our feminine flow. In working with our divine feminine nature we open new doorways to creative expression, we weave the ordinary with the extraordinary. As we surrender, embrace our wholeness, and let go of control, we begin to see: Creating is living, living is creating. 

Throughout our six weeks together, we will explore how to get in touch with your own voice and unique ways of expressing in the world. Your true expression is ready to be felt, seen, honored, your soul song ready to be sung. You, dear beloved, are not some cookie cutter soldier in a war for righteousness, but a brilliantly unique gift from God in an ever-unfolding work of artful creation.  

Come explore what is alive for you and how you can bring that into all areas of your life. Join us in rewilding your creativity and move beyond the frequency of urgency, control, fear, and perfection and tune into pleasure and play from which your essence will flow freely.  Together we will weave a space of magic and open up to more creative realities beyond what we have previously been able to imagine.


Activate is a 6-week journey designed to guide you in sparking your feminine creatrix magic and channeling this into the creation of your life.

Activate is for those looking to:


  • Explore how to be in co-creation with life 
  • Tune in to the seasons of your soul and embrace your cyclical nature
  • Orient yourself to pathways of pleasure rather than stressing, struggling or trying to control outcomes 
  • Honor your wholeness and embrace your journey, sidesteps, “mistakes” and all 
  • Remember the magic of your feminine creatrix  
  • Make space for the mystery
  • Let go of perfection, judgment and shame about things not going how you imagined them to, embrace the mess 
  • Remember the ways of the wild woman and the ancient wisdom flowing through your DNA

Activate your Creative Life Force Energy

In this container we will reclaim our cyclical nature, let go of linear timelines, open to our multidimensionality and embrace our feminine flow. In working with our divine feminine nature we open new doorways to creative expression, we weave the ordinary with the extraordinary. As we surrender, embrace our wholeness, and let go of control, we begin to see: Creating is living, living is creating.  


Charting the Course

Week 1:

Getting Present

We will begin by identifying the major themes in your life’s story and discover what needs to shift in service to your creative expression. 

 Week 2:

 Reclaiming Wholeness 

Together we will bring awareness to those parts of ourselves that are begging to be seen, welcomed, and inner-stood so we can create from our full capacities.    

Week 3:

 Igniting Pleasure

This week we will learn to consciously cultivate and harness pleasure to activate our creative sensual energy and channel this into our lives, clearing new pathways for creation.  

Week 4:

 Embracing the Mystery

 We will discover how to let go of the illusion of control so that we can open to magic, miracles, and synchronicities that can only be revealed to us by embracing the unknown.

Week 5:

Remembering the Wild Woman

Together we will strengthen our natural instincts and intuition and reconnect with our unbridled creativity to fuel our authentic creation from a place of sovereignty.  

Week 6:

Dreaming a New Story

We will reimagine our lives from a place of heart-centered wholeness, opening to more pleasure as the mystery reveals to us artful ways to weave our dreams into reality. 

You will Receive:

  • A safe and nourishing container to activate your creative essence
  • Six live 90-minute interactive calls via Zoom and lifetime access to the recordings
  • Artfully curated tools, resources and exercises to support your creative evolution 
  • A heart-centered container of deep allowance to process whatever stands in the way of your creative expression, held by trauma-informed facilitators
  • Breakout rooms for small group witnessing, processing, and integration  
  • A ceremonial self-care package to get your creative juices flowing
  • SisTar partner pairings for accountability and connection
  • Access to a virtual gathering space for sharing the inspirational sparks that emerge as we ignite our creative centers

Meet your Guides

Danielle Kort is a New Earth ascension guide and channel for higher consciousness. She works closely with clients to embody their sensual nature, activate their co-creative abilities, and awaken to their true divine selves. Among many creative endeavors over the years, she has had her fashion designs published in Seventeen Magazine, ignited a women’s empowerment movement called Women Breaking Plates, and has just finished writing her first book, a channeled text about spiritual ascension. Danielle is a trained, certified Inner Guidance Facilitator and guides her clients into higher, more awakened states of consciousness using music, touch, guided visualization, spiritual counseling and plant teachers. She currently lives in Sarasota, Florida, one of twenty two crystal cities of light in the world, with her beloved partner Kyle. Together they host sunset beach meetups on Siesta Key’s crystal quartz sand as well as sacred ceremonies that activate higher self embodiment. 

Lisa Amadeo is an embodiment guide, earth wisdom keeper, and vision doula for those who dare to live a creative life and reach toward the dreams in their hearts. Lisa has traveled many pathways following her creative musings in this lifetime, and she continues to let what lights her up be her guide in life. Notably, Lisa has built collaborative relationships with hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs to bring many dynamic multi-dimensional visions to life. She has channeled her creativity in collaboration on many projects, mainly in the role of director/producer, to bring to life music videos, theater, musical performances, events, and multi-media art projects. Lisa is a trained and certified Flower Essence & Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She works with earth wisdom and frequency and story medicine to support clients to the repattern inner child and ancestral woundings. Her heart’s calling is to support spirited creatives in realizing their dreams beyond limited familial and societal scripts and standards that stifle creativity. She currently lives with her family in Ojai, California, known as the valley of the moon.



  • All sessions are virtual and can be attended from anywhere in the world via Zoom.
  • Outside of sessions we provide a private What’s App group where participants can share inspiration and support one another.
  • Optional 1:1 support sessions are virtual and will take place over Zoom.


  • We will gather in sacred space for 90 minutes each week.
  • We will begin our time together with an opening ceremony and wisdom teaching.
  • Each session will include an activation to spark creative flow.
  • A portion of our gathering will be dedicated to sharing our creative musings. 

  • All participants will receive recordings for each session.


  • If you are looking for deeper, more personalized support this option is for you.
  • This optional deep dive includes 2 individual sessions which are a $500 value offered to you for $333 (additional to program price)
  • Sessions Include: One 90-minute Shamanic Story Medicine & Flower Essence Alchemy with Lisa, One 90-minute Actualized Creatrix & Inner Child Playshop with Danielle

“When we embody the energy of the Creatrix, we stand in the fullness of our birthright as two-way channels of the full creative power of the Universe.”

-Lucy H. Pearce, Author of Creatrix, She Who Makes

Schedule Details

(We will meet from 7-8:30pm ET, all dates in 2022)

Week #1 Tuesday, November 8th 

Week #2 –  Tuesday, November 15th 

Week #3 –  Tuesday, November 22nd

Week #4 –  Tuesday, November 29th 

Week #5 – Tuesday, December 6th

Week #6 – Tuesday, December 13th

Would you like to join us?


Online Program


Online Program + Personalized


(or 2 payments of $222)

(or 2 payments of $389)

Personalized Support Details

This additional support package is designed for those looking for a more personalized experience as they transform their relationship to creation. Together, this blend of energy work and coaching creates a container for deep, integrated exploration and transformation. This option is for those who desire one-on-one witnessing and guidance so they can activate their creative essence. We utilize a mix of tantra and visualization work with plant spirit medicine and energetic attunements.


Personalized Support Includes Two 1:1 Sessions


1.) Shamanic Story Medicine & Flower Essence Alchemy (with Lisa): In a 90-minute energy alignment and creative flow activation session, we will explore your mythology and get curious about the frequencies you want to attune to and those you want to clear out of your field. We will illuminate simple and grounded ways to be in a relationship with your life force and clarify how you want to spend your precious energy. You will receive channeled nervous system calibration healing, embodiment recommendations, and one flower essence formula to activate your channels of expression and bridge the realms of imagination with reality and form.

2.) Actualized Creatrix & Inner Child Playshop (with Danielle): Embodying your inner Creatrix means channeling life force energy into the most unique and remarkable creations as they manifest in their highest expression. In this 90 minute deep dive we will work with the energies of play and pleasure to amplify your creativity and bring your deepest dreams into physical expression. Together we will shed whatever feels stagnant or outdated in your life and we will get the creative juices flowing! Whatever is needed for your deepest transformation and life force activation will be revealed, integrated and actualized.






What if I miss a session?

Although it is recommended to attend as many classes in person as possible, each session will be recorded and available to you for downloading. Due to the key community aspect of this container we encourage you to join us live for our weekly gatherings. Here you will find deep connection and nourishment in real time.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

All materials are yours to keep forever. You will be able to download all of the weekly recordings, guides and supplemental materials for the course so you can refer to them at any time. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, our payment plan allows you to split the full price of the program into two payments.  

Is this course online or in person?

This is an online course that takes place on Zoom and can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Do you offer sliding scale pricing?

We do have a sliding scale pricing option available for those who are truly in need of financial support to join us. If you would like to learn more about this option please inquire in your application.

Do you have a refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. Thank you for supporting your way showers. 



Next Activate Program: November 2022

Danielle is truly on another level. She is the real deal; deeply wise, intuitive and gifted. Her heart-centered approach is both comforting and inspiring and has made me a more confident, at-ease individual. In each session I feel nurtured, seen and empowered. I have never had more personal and spiritual growth in my life. If you want to grow into your sovereignty, learn more about your spiritual nature and/or receive assistance in following your soul’s purpose or journey, you will absolutely benefit from working with Danielle.



Lisa is an epic multi-dimensional guide for those of us traveling through sacred darkness, as well as anyone seeking support in their journey toward joyous bliss. I personally struggle with the fear of the unknown, which turns into overwhelm and paralysis. Lisa is an integration Queen and has helped guide me through my layers of confusion to reveal my own clarity and wholeness. She holds a loving space full of expansion and grounding energy. I have never felt so seen, nourished and empowered before working with Lisa.



I’ve had experiences with traditional therapy over the years and never saw the growth that I achieved from working with Danielle. I think the biggest difference was that she helped me learn to love myself, not just accept myself. Her life coaching style was nurturing but also solution-oriented. Everyday I find myself using the tools and exercises she gave me when I’m experiencing anxiety, feeling lonely, or losing focus on my goals. 



I had a truly magical time working with Lisa.  She gave me simple tools to help change my schedule around so that the way I carried out my day to day tasks felt natural, comfortable, and even fun to me.  She supported me as I changed my perspective, encouraging me to use my quirks and idiosyncrasies to my favor, instead of trying to hide or push them aside.  She helped me to learn about the natural cycles of energy that I experience throughout the month and how to maximize productivity accordingly.  I can’t thank Lisa enough for the ways that she has helped me blossom into a more fully expressed and joyful version of myself.