bali bliss retreat

April 11-17, 2024


My name is Danielle and I am the author of Wild Spirit Fire: Freedom from Fear and Separation. It is my absolute joy to welcome you to check out our very first Wild Spirit Fire transformational retreat which will be taking place in Ubud, Bali April 11-17th, 2024. I invite you to come experience the magic that unfolds when willing hearts unite and get set on fire with the passion they didn’t realize was inside of them! This is going to be one epic adventure. If you’re feeling the call, then please book a time to chat with me. I can’t wait to learn all about you!

Bali is an epicenter for spiritual growth; a hub where people from all walks of life come to learn from the ceremonial devotion that the Balinese culture embodies. When you step foot upon this enchanted land, you will see for yourself that magic is all around you! With 4,500 temples where ceremonies take place almost every day of the year, it’s no wonder that so many pilgrimage halfway across the world just to get a taste of the transformational environment that Bali has to offer. Anyone I’ve talked to during my travels there agrees that it is one of the most spiritually enriching places they’ve ever visited. Tack on the world class raw vegan restaurants, the trendsetting yoga scene and those fabulous tropical vibes, and you’ve got all the reasons to get your booty on the jet plane there!

we invite you to

Feel the Magic

Come dance with us under the wild stars
and set your heart ablaze.
Discover the miracle in every intricate detail
and flirt with the mysteries of creation.
Come taste the delicious freedoms of a life lived fully, unapologetically and on purpose.
Be craddled under the gentle jungle canopy and free your voice to emerge as the leader of your own life.
Belly laugh like you did as a child.
It’s time to play, let loose, and allow your innocence to transform you!

hello soul family

After just seven days together you’ll be surprised how perfect strangers can suddenly feel like family.

Pictures from Danielle’s One Heart Tribe Retreat in Bali 2017

Our Sacred Space

Tucked away just 10 minutes south of central Ubud, we will create sacred space at 5 star luxury hotel Amori. Featuring lush tropical gardens, an infinity swimming pool with deck and sun beds, and spa, this relaxing atmosphere will help you drop into a deep space of calm and receptivity.


Each morning you will have the option to join Elizabeth Keigher as she leads us in alignment based restorative yoga.

Evening Ceremonies

On several of our evenings together we will hold sacred ceremony where all of you is welcome. You will experience a heart-opening cacao ceremony, a letting go fire burning ceremony and a new reality intention setting ceremony, just to name a few!


Meals will be prepared by our in-house Balinese chef.

*We can accommodate all of your dietary restrictions. Please indicate what these are in your application.

Day 1:

Breathing peace

Breath is life. When we disconnect from our breath because of things like stress, trauma, and fear, it obstructs our life force energy as well as our innate creative capacities. Together we will re-establish safety for all aspects of self and shed what no longer serves us. Through activities like receiving a Balinese massage, conscious connective breathwork with Elizabeth Keigher, and energy cleansing rituals, we will soothe the nervous system and create an opening for the flow of creation to move through you more easily and blissfully.

Day 2:

Dissolving density

As kids we play with spontaneity, seeing life as a fun adventure and we use our imagination the way we were designed to. But as adults, rigid routines and highly structured plans, automatics, habits and patterns weigh us down and remove us from the joys of creating in the moment. Through guided meditation, playful improv exercises, and therapeutic arts and crafts we will reconnect with that younger aspect of us to reclaim our lighter, more blissful expression!

Day 3:

Whispers from within

When you are truly paying attention, you realize that all of life is communicating with you, whether it’s the insect that lands on your shoulder or the person in front of you who is speaking straight to your heart. The answers for what you truly want and how to bring that vision into form is all right in front of you! The more we look for the messages designed into our experience, the more they reveal themselves. We will take part in a guided journey meditation, the intentional practice of silence and solitude, and a group scavenger hunt to reveal the treasure trove of synchronicities all around us!

Day 4:

Tears of gratitude

A ticket for this ride we call life is priceless, and when we stop judging our experience, letting that film or overlay fall away, we can see clearly that this is a beautiful, wondrous, heavenly, joyous experience. And so, it is time for us to clear the cobwebs, open the blinds, and ease our way back into the light, back into our truth, where gratitude for ‘what is’ ripens into our everyday experience. Through journaling exercises, creating our very own Balinese offering baskets and making offerings to our ancestors and the land, we will return to life as ceremony and allow gratitude to be the foundation for all that we create.

Day 5:

Wild in wonderment

Like a lion acting on its instinct, knowing intuitively where to find its next meal, knowing the right moment to pounce, we, too, have this instinct, and this instinct leads us through our life’s beautiful unfolding. But so often, because of cultural programming and ancestral patterns we learn to stop trusting ourselves. Together we will get out of our own way to allow our wild, natural, primal essence to express unabashedly. Get ready for re-wilding games, exercises and an ecstatic dance party that will invite you to take a walk on the wild side!

Day 6:

Sacred sovereignty

In society we’re often told (whether verbally or not): “This is the way you should behave,” “This is how you are supposed to live your life.” But these rigid expectations that we agree to live by restrict the orgasmic flow of energy that would otherwise run through us and transform our realities completely. Through exercises in boundary setting, overcoming the need to people please and getting intimately honest with yourself, you will reclaim your power to create your life on your own terms.

Day 7:

Conscious creation

Life is meant to be a celebratory dance, one where your joyous heart leads the way. You are meant to sing and laugh and play with passion and enthusiasm from the very start of your day! So, what impassions you? What turns you on? What lights your soul on fire? Here, we will explore your deepest joys and most passionate expression, and begin to weave them into your every moment experience. Through activities like a passion-purpose quiz, a powerful envisioning exercise and an open mic night, you will reap the benefits of a passion-filled existence.


Be cleansed of old emotional, mental and energetic burdens that have weighed you down by Ubud’s High Priestess, Ida Reisi Alit.

sacred self photoshoot

Leave it to our talented photographer to bring out your true colors, leaving you feeling beautiful, vibrant and fully expressed!


Spend your free time immersed in the vibrant and ceremonial culture of Bali.

Danielle Kort

Danielle Kort is the author of Wild Spirit Fire: Freedom from Fear and Separation, an intuitive channel and New Earth Ascension Guide. Danielle began her career in fashion working in the headquarters of brands like Calvin Klein designing and sourcing fabrics for their bridge line, ck before receiving the call six years later to forge a new path as a life coach. After beginning her own practice she has now worked with clients one on one for over a decade. In 2017 Danielle moved to Ubud, Bali and studied under Amara Samata where she received her certification as an Inner Guidance Journey Work Facilitator and has been leading sacred ceremonies and transformational retreats ever since. In 2018 she helped launch a women’s empowerment movement called Women Breaking Plates where participants would enjoy empowerment parties, writing their limiting beliefs onto dinner plates and smashing them against a wall, among other fun empowerment exercises. These events caught the attention of national news. In 2020 Danielle began working on her first channeled book, Wild Spirit Fire, which was published in May of 2023. For fun Danielle loves to travel, sew outfits and spend time on Siesta Key’s crystal quartz Beach with friends.

Elizabeth Keigher

Elizabeth is a Breathwork Coach and Yoga Instructor. In 2018, Elizabeth was serendipitously introduced to a heart opening and clarity breathwork session. Through this breathwork, she experienced profound emotional release, healing, and a feeling of being home in her body that she had never felt possible. After years of physical and emotional abuse from herself and others, which perpetuated choices that were not in her highest good, a feeling of peace would occur after breathwork sessions. Then in 2019, Elizabeth experienced a car accident, creating much difficulty and pain throughout her spine and legs. With guidance from a gifted yoga therapist, friend, and mentor, she was able to move and breathe into healing where insurance-backed therapies were not successful. Giving credit to her mental and physical trauma relief experienced through conscious breathing, energy healing, and therapeutic yoga, Elizabeth felt the full beauty of transformational support. Supporting the inner knowing that she was meant to be of service to others, Elizabeth trained in these modalities so she could step into offering the healing arts. Divine Breath Connection was born in the winter of 2021 with the intention of helping people connect with themselves, others, and the divine through conscious breathing and movement. In 2022, Elizabeth hosted the Power of Breath: Healing to Bliss Through Conscious Breathing, with 21 amazing experts. Elizabeth currently provides live and online breathwork classes and coaching. Through, she brings online education and online healing experiences to as many as possible.

Akasha Smith

Akasha Jen Smith, PhD(c) is a multidimensional channel who’s been giving readings, healings and working with groups since 2004. She hears, sees, feels and ‘knows’ the intuitive information that comes through to support the people she’s with. She’s the founder of School of Awakened Living which offers The 9 Month Professional Intuitive Healer Certification Program. Akasha’s soul purpose is to help people remember and be who they truly are. She offers Akashic Records readings and healings and multidimensional light transmissions which are a combination of light language, sacred geometry healing technology and channeled messages. She facilitates transpersonal counseling, mindfulness meditation and past life regressions.  Akasha is also a yoga and contemplative dance teacher and is currently researching Passionate Engagement for her Doctorate in East West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is a co-author of two books and one academic paper. Akasha is also a lightcode artist and has been fortunate to train with many of the leaders in her field.   

“I have been working with Danielle for over two years. I would highly recommend Danielle for anyone who has struggled to connect with their true essence. With her kindness, gentleness, and compassion, I was able to unlock keys to my own life story. One cannot put a price tag on the help and guidance she has facilitated in my ongoing journey of truth, light, and love. I have spent decades working with hypnotists, therapists, doctors, and even psychics, but nothing has come close to the results I continue to get with Danielle. She has made me feel safe and loved in my sacred journey. I would be glad to recommend Danielle personally to anyone who feels that all other modalities and methods have failed them in transcending to the next level of their life.”

Mary Ann Hall

Registered Nurse

“Gently being led into Sacred Space by Elizabeth of Divine Breath is truly a multi-dimensional gift. With her soft, melodious direction, participants are instantly taken on a journey of transformation, empowerment, and regeneration. My first breathwork workshop with Elizabeth was quite a few years ago and I am still amazed by how she adeptly facilitates with such clear guidance and calm direction. With expertise, wisdom, and strength, Elizabeth invites journeyers on a quantum ride. Dancing with the well-crafted Divine Breath offerings, I have increased the peace and expanded the joy in both my life and my heart. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth and to Divine Breath for supporting me in attaining such deep levels of replenishment, relaxation, and renewal.”

Jamie Day

Women’s Leadership Coach

“After completing the School of Awakened Living Professional Intuitive Healer Program with Akasha I am forever changed in the best way. I came back to me. I’m 100% satisfied. I loved the connection with everyone in the group, all of the content and each guest teacher. I will be reviewing my materials regularly. Everything I learned is such a gift. Where I am today, as this being, is because of all that I learned here…this journey of love and discovery of my True Self resulted in this transformation. I am so grateful. Thank you.”

Michelle Bludthardt

Artist & Intuitive Healer

“I could not recommend Danielle more, she is intuitive, supportive, and divinely inspired. Her great gifts include identifying and bringing to light stuck patterns and ways of thinking that hold us back from living more peaceful and abundant lives. Old and painful feedback loops are gently broken as her guidance as a Way Shower helps the participant do it for themselves and empowers them in the process. If you are ready to look in the mirror and commit to bringing unconditional love and kindness into your life Danielle is the guide for you. I am not normally a fan of testimonials and do not want to lay out a bunch of new age cliches but my respect and love for this beautiful and talented soul is immense.”

Jim Vieira

Tv Show Host on Ancient Mysteries, History Channel

“Sophia Elizabeth’s Divine Breathwork class is a total blessing. The atmosphere is magical and sacred and creates a feeling of being connected with divine spirit. The breathwork brings me into a deep and beautiful place within myself where I can release tension and old thoughts that don’t fit anymore. When I breathe in, I bring in openness and expanse. I feel connected to nature and the organic beauty around me. My life is busy and hectic, at times, and this offers a peaceful and grounded respite. I left feeling centered, expanded, and happy. I highly recommend this class and look forward to the next one!”

Vivie & Hans Bishop

Owners, Opt for Light Rejuvination Center

The Professional Intuitive Healer Certification Program with Akasha is the best training I’ve ever done.

Valerie Midanik

Educator and Healing Facilitator at

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Danielle’s coaching program. Before joining, I was feeling stuck and uncertain about the direction of my life. I was going through a breakup and feeling meh about life. But after just a few sessions with Danielle, I had a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. Danielle is incredibly intuitive and has a knack for asking the right questions that really get to the heart of the matter. Her insights and guidance were invaluable in helping me identify my core values and goals, and she provided me with practical tools and strategies to achieve them. What’s more, Danielle’s warmth and genuine care for her clients is evident in everything she does. I have always felt seen, heard, and supported throughout our time working together. She’s a truly gifted coach and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Thanks Danielle!”

Sonja Price

Owner, Dynamo Careers

“Engaging with Elizabeth’s divine breathwork sessions is like experiencing a direct connection to Source itself. Her ability to channel healing energy is truly remarkable, and you can sense the purity of her golden heart from the moment you step into her space. Elizabeth’s warmth envelops you like a comforting embrace, creating an atmosphere of love and tranquility. The sessions she leads are a magical journey guided by her gentle and nurturing spirit. She has a unique gift of helping you rediscover the scattered pieces of yourself and bringing them together in perfect unity. It’s a harmonious reunion that leaves you feeling whole and complete. I wholeheartedly recommend treating yourself to a session with Elizabeth. It’s a gift of love and self-discovery that you deserve.”

Kristine Casart

Founder of Mom Vegan Love

who is this

Retreat for?

For anyone who deeply desires an incredible relationship with themselves and others. For anyone who desires a passionate, powerful, purposeful life – this retreat will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you! It is for the complete beginner and experienced spiritual voyager. We welcome couples and singles, men & women that have an authentic yearning to open their heart to new possibilities, assume self-responsibility and to choose love over fear.


To reconnect to your childlike wonder, to awaken your creative expression, to nurture authentic relationships, to ignite your inner flame of passion, to connect with a land so sacred and mysterious that you feel like you’re in a beautiful waking dream?

Then you are in the right place.


  • 7 days, 7 night stay at a beautiful vacation villa in Ubud, Bali Indonesia
  • 7 days and 7 nights of playshops, group activities, ceremonies, and local outings;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (with the exception of free time lunch two days) + snacks
  • Balinese massage by professional therapist
  • A signed copy of Wild Spirit Fire: Freedom from Fear and Separation by Danielle Kort.


*Airfare and travel expense to and from airport not included


  • One 90 minute coaching and guidance session with Danielle before retreat begins;
  • VIP (very integrated person) lunch with Danielle & Elizabeth during the retreat;
  • Two 30 minute check in sessions with Danielle during retreat;
  • One 90 minute integration session with Danielle post retreat;
  • An extra signed copy of Wild Spirit Fire: Freedom from Fear and Separation by Danielle Kort.

Schedule a discovery call with Danielle. Let’s see if this experience is a perfect fit for what you’re looking for. If it is, we’ll get your room at the villa secured and prepare you for the journey of a lifetime!