Creative Retreats are fun gatherings meant to open your creative channels so that you can flow and express your Soul freely.  Together we hold sacred space for one another’s expression as we blossom into all that we’re meant to become. Expect creative and transformational exercises, meaningful conversation, healthy, delicious food and fun surprises! These in-person events are currently held in Sarasota, Florida.  

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The presence and gentleness that Danielle exudes is inspiring. I couldn’t help but want to know more about her journey to becoming the shining, strong woman she is today. With such radical honesty, she shared her story with us at her One Heart Tribe retreat in Bali, Indonesia, and I felt immediately connected to her struggles and her triumphs. She is certainly a brilliant soul who has a deep understanding of the application of the manifestation process, on which she has shaped her life; a life of deep authenticity and creativity, that I admire and wish to continue learning to emulate. Her part in assisting me to further my own evolution is undeniable, and I would recommend working with her if you, too, are seeking to achieve higher levels of your own potential.