It’s time to claim your Divine Inheritance. 

Deep down you know there’s a better way. You know there’s more to life than working 24/7, ignoring your body, feeling like there’s not enough time for your desires, sacrificing what you know to be truly important in life in exchange for survival, praise or monetary success.

We’ve been “holding it together” to accommodate the patriarchal ways that society has dictated for WAY TOO LONG. 

Our nervous systems are in deep need of repair.

Our hearts are craving deeper connection. 

Our bodies are crying out for nourishment.

Our spirits are asking to be honored.

Our minds want to relax.

In ancient times the sacred feminine flowed freely. The way of the woman was revered and cherished. This was reflected in our relationships, family systems and communities which honored and respected Mother Earth and her rhythms. We lived in harmony with nature and life flourished. 

Your Divine Inheritance is living a life that expresses the fullness of who you are rather than adhering to narrowly-defined ideas of success or happiness. When you tune into this birthright of yours, you remember that your worthiness and belonging is inherent and you don’t have to earn it by working, pushing and constantly producing.

The Divine Feminine Principles of Creation Course invites you to remember how to be in co-creation with life and be in tune with the seasons of your soul, rather than fighting or trying to control outcomes. Living in this way, your body becomes a vessel of creation, you remember that you are an expression of the Divine and you step into the abundance that’s always within and around you. 

Living in this way, your body becomes a vessel of creation, you remember that you are an expression of the Divine and you step into the abundance that’s always within and around you.

This is an initiation into the Divine Feminine Principles of Creation, where together in sisterhood, you are met with loving support, grace and full acceptance. 


Embodied Bloom: The Divine Feminine Principles of Creation is an eight-week foundational course that will transform your relationship to creation.

Why Now?

We are in a pivotal time of transformation. Now, more than ever, we are being called to rewrite the future by transforming the energy by which we create from. It is urgent that we move away from destructive patterns and embrace the feminine nurture and life-giving wisdom that is inherent within the female body. During a time when so many have learned to seek answers outside of themselves, or through the means of the mind, we are called to go within; to untame our domesticated spirit; to step away from the bright city lights and the busy chatter and to return to our deep, sacred inner knowing. Our inner knowing becomes available to us when we retreat into the temple of the sacred goddess, where we can once again become initiated into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine. These ancient mysteries help us to remember and put into action ways of living that support creation from a place of love, harmony and beauty.

“A rose blooms when she is ready and not a moment too soon.”

– Marya Stark

Here’s What We will Explore:

  • Living intentionally with full presence, inviting in simplicity and beauty
  • Deepening into the wisdom of the feminine, leaving behind toxic patriarchy
  • How Mother Earth can teach us to dance with Life, Expanding our capacity for spaciousness rather than polarized linear thinking 
  • Rituals, ceremonies and sisterhood that honor and anchor safety, replenishment and rebirth
  • How to move stagnant energy in your womb, making space for new creative projects and life to emerge
  • Ways to slow down and honor life and create more space for your deepest desires
  • Tools and techniques to support your nervous system, transform your DNA and clear the ethereal and emotional bodies
  • Surrender and soften into the wisdom of your heart for greater ease and flow
  • Tune into the intuitive signs and signals from your body

This is a journey of embodiment.

We will deepen into our feminine essence and allow what has been stifled inside of us, throughout this lifetime and many before, to powerfully emerge from the core of our being. We have a conscious choice to embody our truest expression, giving things space to unfold in Divine Time, to surrender to our soul and to create in flow.  


Charting the Course

Week 1:

Exploring the Terrain

We will identify the standards, ‘norms’ and false ideologies that we bought into which make up the landscape of what it means to be a woman in our culture. We will get curious about where we’ve been trying to fit ourselves into these rigid definitions and societal expectations. Together, we will chart a new course that honors our true feminine essence rooted in ancient earth wisdom and holistic, cyclical living. 

 Week 2:

 Rooted in Safety 

Next we will come back to nature, back to our roots, satisfying our longing for true belonging within sisterhood. We will remember our lineage of wise women who were deeply connected to each other and the vibration of Mother Earth. We will call upon our ancestors to help us heal our DNA and bring forward earth allies, plants, animals and mineral spirits the are here to assist at this time. By tending to our roots in this way we will start to find safety inside ourselves and return to full presence.

Week 3:

 Activate with Ancient Wisdom

Here, we will begin to clear fear, past emotional traumas, limiting beliefs, addictive behaviors and coping mechanisms from the womb space. As we address heavy, dense energetics, we will lean into Mother Earth and Quantum Ancient Technologies to support us in purging the old with ease. We will activate our Star Being DNA, collapsing out duality and expanding into greater flow, ease and beauty.

Week 4:

 Witnessing & Sister Support

This week we will take a pause for integration, taking time to digest our clearings and activations together. This space is in support of reflection and the embodiment of all we are bringing forward. There will be space for individual sharing, witnessing and sistar support as we weave together our container for anchoring in the wisdom of our ancestors, Mother Earth, and our higher selves.   

Week 5:

Surrender & Soften

Together we will explore and let go of past hurts of the heart, melting away grief, resentments and judgments. This allows us to receive greater abundance, love and intuitive guidance in all areas of our life. We will practice being vulnerable within ourselves with honesty and transparency so we can bring that out into the world and lead with love. When we soften and allow more space in our lives we have room to tune into the wisdom of the heart and discover our personal boundaries, true desires and needs. 

Week 6:


Blossoming is about expanding beyond limitations into your unique Soul’s expression. It’s about being seen and simultaneously seeing yourself in the fullness and wholeness of all that you truly are. We will clarify our needs and identify the systems of support that allow us to flourish and thrive. As we open up to our unique gifts and abilities our energetic soul signature begins to magnetize magic, miracles and synchronicities which are in alignment with what we are calling in.

Week 7:


To be embodied is to have deep roots in Divine Feminine Wisdom, beyond the long-held beliefs and stories that were never ours to begin with. This week we will discover that embodiment is about no longer hiding parts of ourselves or filtering or fixing our expression. We will open to greater awareness of our shadows so they are integrated, no longer in the dark. Here, our sacred womb center is clear, our High Heart and Divine Mind work together in concert, harnessing the potential of all that we are here to create.

 Week 8:

 Closing Ceremony & Integration  

In our final week together we will come full circle in sacred ceremony to honor the deepening of our Divine Feminine wisdom. We will integrate our initiation and witness our new ways of being in sisterhood. We will allow the Divine Feminine Principles of creation to seep into our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Now that our roots run deep and strong in our Divine knowing we are able to embody our gifts and share them with clarity and ease.

You will Receive:

  • A safe and nourishing container for your Divine Feminine journey
  • Six live 90-minute interactive calls via Zoom and lifetime access to the recordings
  • A sacred and confidential discussion group led by trauma-informed facilitators 
  • Breakout rooms for small group witnessing, processing and integration 
  • Two live 90-minute group Divine Feminine Principles coaching calls
  • A sacred self-care package to amplify your journey  
  • Weekly transformation playbook with exercises for setting sacred space and intentions and preparing for your weekly calls
  • SisTar partner pairings for accountability and connection
  • Access to a virtual gathering space for deepening sisterhood throughout your embodiment journey

  • Downloadable MP3 Elemental Activations & Rituals
  • A Divine Feminine Archetype Guide & Audio Transmissions
  • Altar Creation Guide

Meet your Guides

Hi! I’m Danielle Kort and I am a transformational soul coach, New Earth ascension guide, plant spirit medicine facilitator, creatrix and mentor who partners with women on a path of consciousness expansion. Over the years, I’ve manifested some of my biggest dreams. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for companies like Calvin Klein, co-launched a women’s empowerment movement called Women Breaking Plates, led transformational retreats in Bali, Indonesia and Southern California, and traveled the world with my Divine compliment, Kyle, supporting clients online to live their dream lives too. Today, my world is built upon the foundations of fulfillment, inspiration and peace; a world where I feel supported in my purpose and turned on by my own creativity. Yet, it wasn’t always this way for me and I’ve had to navigate deep and dark waters to rediscover this joyful and more empowered version of myself. 

When I was 12 years old, drowning in deep depression, I almost took my own life because I couldn’t understand my place or purpose in this world. As a young woman I dated narcissistic men and hung out with ‘mean girls’ who treated me poorly and had me questioning my value left and right. And working in the corporate world, I exhausted myself trying to live up to fashion industry expectations, working long, hard hours doing my best to dress the part on a shoe-string salary. Regardless, I pushed through to achieve my own version of the American Dream: the position at a prestigious fashion company, the stylish apartment, and special access to the exclusive nightlife scene in NYC. Yet, once I got everything I thought I had wanted, I was baffled to find out that I wasn’t truly happy. 

I came to the realization that all these years I had been trying to earn my worth, while remaining unaware that my lack of self-love was keeping me in harsh situations. I discovered that the dictates and echoes of my outer world had me on a wild goose chase, running after things outside of myself which had nothing to do with my actual wants and desires. So, I embarked on an inward journey to re-discover my True Self and my heart’s dreams and desires. This inner pilgrimage has had me integrating fragmented aspects of myself, healing the painful perspectives of my ‘past’ and opening to my heart’s sacred wisdom. Today I don’t even recognize myself. 

I support clients in unveiling their true expression and activating their passion and creativity by getting to the root of what is no longer in alignment with their soul; by removing the limiting, unconscious patriarchal belief systems, ideas of ‘perfection’ and ‘success’ that have kept us sick and disempowered as a society. I use a variety of tools such as timeline therapy, inner child work and visualization techniques to help guide my clients in returning home to themselves. During sessions, clients also receive emotional, physical and spiritual healings from two healing guides on my team who assist in further integrating and aligning disharmonic frequencies.


Hey there! I’m Lisa Amadeo and I am a vision doula, medicine woman, shamanic journey guide, mentor and transformational coach for spirited creatives. As a child I spent my days in nature, river swimming, roaming the woods with feet in clay earth. I can see now how I was held by the wisdom of the earth’s rhythms and the natural belonging I felt there.  As I got older, the should’s of society got louder,  the external narratives that stressed the importance of outward success and external validation began creeping in. The world around me was dictating a reality that didn’t feel right, but also it didn’t feel safe to rebel. This coupled with a significant childhood trauma and I began to fragment in order to cope. The cycle of seeking outside of myself as a way to stay out of the pain began and I lost my way, I felt divorced from the innate knowing that had once felt so natural as a young girl. 

By the time I reached my twenties I had fully bought into the lie that my worth was measured by my ability to achieve success in the external world and the ability to obtain that vision of perfection. I pursued a life that looked good on paper, I got a fancy degree, an impressive job,  had a handsome, smart, successful boyfriend, an amazing apartment in a hip and highly coveted neighborhood in NYC… The problem was I was building a life as a way to run away from who I didn’t want to be, instead of creating a life in alignment with my soul. 

My mind was running the show, I became separated from my spirit and then I got sick. My body began to shut down, I couldn’t push through in the way I used to, I was being stopped in my tracks, forced to rest, go inside and do things differently. This began my journey inward and back home to myself. I began to repair my relationship with my body, move slowly, tune in, and along the way I found my path back to nature, back to the wisdom of gaia and the rhythms of the earth that I knew as a little girl. Ever since I have been on the path of remembering, tuning into the mystery and honoring my wholeness, embracing the path of the divine feminine, rather than creating a mind based reality dictated by societal expectations. 

I am an energy healer who works in the unseen realms supporting clients in exploring and unwinding karmic patterns, shining light on the shadows of consciousness and honoring and remembering the sacred feminine. I help facilitate a remembering and embracing of one’s unique multidimensional expression, using a variety of somatic, psychological, and shamanic tools, which includes a remembrance of the wisdom of the earth and our lost connection to the feminine that has been excluded from the dominant societal narrative for too long.


All sessions are virtual and can be attended from anywhere in the world via Zoom.

Outside of sessions we will gather in a private What’s App group where participants can ask questions, share inspiration and receive community support.

– Optional 1:1 support sessions are virtual and will take place over Zoom.


– We will gather in sacred space for 90 minutes each week.

– We will begin our time together with an opening ceremony and wisdom teaching harnessing the energy and medicine of each weekly principle.

Each session will include a ceremonial embodiment practice where we will anchor the Divine Feminine into our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits.

The last 20 minutes of our gathering will be dedicated to sharing, witnessing, somatic and spiritual support. 

– All participants will receive recordings for each session.


If you are looking for deeper, more personalized support this option is for you.

– This optional deep dive includes 4 individual sessions which are a $1000 Value offered to you for $599 (additional to program price)

– Sessions Include: One 90-minute Shamanic Divine Feminine Activation Session, One 90-minute Divine Feminine Embodiment Coaching Session, One 60-minute Flower Essence Alchemy Session, One 60-minute Archetypal Integration Coaching Session

“Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.”

-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Schedule Details

(We will meet from 7-8:30pm ET, all dates in 2022)

Week #1 Tuesday, March 8th 

Week #2 –  Tuesday, March 15th 

Week #3 –  Tuesday, March 22nd 

Week #4 –  Tuesday, March 29th 

Week #5 – Tuesday, April 5th

Week #6 – Tuesday, April 12th

Week #7 – Tuesday, April 19th

Week #8 – Tuesday, April 26th

Would you like to join us?


Embodied Bloom
Online Program


Embodied Bloom
Online Program + Personalized


(or 3 payments of $333)

(or 3 payments of $533)

Personalized Support Details

This additional support package is designed for those looking for a more personalized experience as they transform their relationship to creation. Together, this blend of energy work and coaching create a container for deep, integrated exploration and transformation. This option is for those who desire one-on-one witnessing and guidance so they can anchor the divine feminine principles of creation fully into their life. We utilize a mix of embodiment and archetypal coaching with plant spirit medicine and energetic attunements.


Personalized Support Includes 4 Individual Sessions


1.) Shamanic Divine Feminine Activation Session (with Lisa):

During a one hour Shaminic Energy Medicine session we will deepen into a space where time is irrelevant, connecting intentionally with the material of the subconscious providing a unique opportunity to  gain a dynamic perspective of anything in question.  In this session we will take counsel with benevolent healing guides, ancestral allies and plant and animal spirits for gaining clarity, insight as well as receive energetic healing on a subtle body level to support the activation of the Divine Feminine within. 

2.) Divine Feminine Embodiment Coaching Session (with Danielle):
Embodying your Divine Feminine qualities means embodying the highest expression of your feminine energies. In this 90 minute deep dive coaching session we will get to the root of whatever has felt stagnant or stuck in regards to your Divine Feminine expression and we will get the energies moving! Whether it’s tuning into your sensual or sexual, empowerment or conviction, purpose or surrender energies, whatever is needed for your deepest transformation will be revealed and integrated.

3.) Personalized Flower Essence Healing Session (with Lisa): 

Flower essences bring the natural healing energy and wisdom of the plant directly into the human body in the form of a liquid tincture. Plant spirit medicine is a gentle, yet effective and deep support for clearing and integrating trauma in the body, subconscious beliefs, and emotional imprints that are no longer serving your life and path. This is a 60 minute session where we will work with plant spirits that come forward to assist you on your path to deeper clarity and alignment.

4.) Archetypal Integration Coaching Session (with Danielle): 

As aspects of ourselves, archetypes may reveal our most important desires, goals and soul urgings. Understanding their expression in our life’s mythical unfolding can assist us in gaining access to unrealized potential, grasping the integral role we play in this collective story and increasing our empathy for the archetypal stories that others live. In this 60 minute coaching session we will get curious about what Divine Feminine archetype(s) calls to you and evoke the magic and mystery of these distinctive characteristics that you’re ready to step into. 








What if I miss a session?

Although it is recommended to attend as many classes in person as possible, each session will be recorded and available to you for downloading. Due to the sacred nature of this work we encourage you to join us in weaving our intentions together and communing with one another in our weekly gatherings. Here you will find deep connection and nourishment in real time.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

All materials are yours to keep forever. You will be able to download all of the weekly recordings, guides and supplemental materials for the course so you can refer to them at any time. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have two payment plan options available. 

Is this course online or in person?

This is an online course that takes place on Zoom and can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Do you offer sliding scale pricing?

We do have a sliding scale pricing structure available. This is meant to assist those who are truly in need of financial support to join us. If you would like to learn more about this option please inquire in your application.

Do you have a refund policy?

Please know that we take weaving a container of safety and intimacy seriously so that we can all flourish. In order to maintain the integrity of the circle we ask that if you feel a misalignment with the course offering to please let us know 24 hours after the first session or sooner and we will refund you in full. We do not offer refunds after this time period. 



Next Embodied Bloom Program: March 2022

Danielle is truly on another level. She is the real deal; she’s deeply wise, intuitive and gifted. Her heart-centered approach is both comforting and inspiring and has made me a more confident, at-ease individual. In each session I feel nurtured, seen and empowered. I have never had more personal and spiritual growth in my life. If you want to grow into your sovereignty, learn more about your spiritual nature and/or receive assistance in following your soul’s purpose or journey, you will absolutely benefit from working with Danielle.



Lisa is an epic multi-dimensional guide for those of us traveling through sacred darkness, as well as anyone seeking support in their journey toward joyous bliss. I personally struggle with the fear of the unknown, which turns into overwhelm and paralysis. Lisa is an integration Queen and has helped guide me through my layers of confusion to reveal my own clarity and wholeness. She holds a loving space full of expansion and grounding energy. I have never felt so seen, nourished and empowered before working with Lisa.



I’ve had experiences with traditional therapy over the years and never saw the growth that I achieved from working with Danielle. I think the biggest difference was that she helped me learn to love myself, not just accept myself. Her life coaching style was nurturing but also solution-oriented. Everyday I find myself using the tools and exercises she gave me when I’m experiencing anxiety, feeling lonely, or losing focus on my goals. 



I had a truly magical time working with Lisa.  She gave me simple tools to help change my schedule around so that the way I carried out my day to day tasks felt natural, comfortable, and even fun to me.  She supported me as I changed my perspective, encouraging me to use my quirks and idiosyncrasies to my favor, instead of trying to hide or push them aside.  She helped me to learn about the natural cycles of energy that I experience throughout the month and how to maximize productivity accordingly.  I can’t thank Lisa enough for the ways that she has helped me blossom into a more fully expressed and joyful version of myself.