Find your Flow is a 3 month one-on-one program designed to take you from surviving and grinding to aligning with ease, grace and synchronicity. In this program you will expand past old limiting ways and step into what’s next for you.

  Find your Flow is for you if:

  • You’re ready to align your passion and purpose with your career 
  • You would like to let go of struggle and grinding away at things to “make it happen” 
  • You’re a busy professional and desire greater time and capacity to fulfill your larger mission in life. 
  • You would like to dive deeper into your personal growth and spiritual evolutionary path. 
  • You want to step into new, exciting possibilities you never knew existed. 
  • You desire someone to hold space, listen deeply and keep you accountable to your Highest Destiny.

I am passionate about seeing my clients shine brightly!

What is the purpose of Find your Flow?

This 3 month one-on-one program is designed to support you in eliminating distractions, blocks, and judgments from your life so that you can discover your Unique Energetic Signature Flow. Only you know what you’re here to be and to do in this lifetime and together we will find and activate that vision. This program will support you in transforming limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back and help you step into what’s next for you with power and purpose.

Tools for Transformation

Find your Flow is ultimately about connecting to your Broader Self Perspective, where limits and barriers to what you want to create are non-existent. Together we will use tools like Guided Meditations, Visualizations, Journaling, Inner Child Work, Timeline Therapy and Inner Guidance Cards to connect you with your Higher Wisdom. Using the guidance that you receive, we will call into the Present Moment all that you would like to be, do and express in this new exciting chapter of your life.

What this program includes:

Weekly coaching call via phone or Zoom


Customized guided meditations and visualizations





I’ve had experiences with traditional therapy over the years and never saw the growth that I achieved from working with Danielle. I think the biggest difference was that she helped me learn to love myself, not just accept myself. Her life coaching style was nurturing but also solution-oriented. Everyday I find myself using the tools and exercises she gave me when I’m experiencing anxiety, feeling lonely, or loosing focus on my goals.



Here’s What We Will Cover Together:

Find your Flow supports you in aligning back to your Unique Energy Flow, causing your dreams and desires to become manifest with greater ease and synchronicity.

Month 1

Unblocking your Flow

 First we’ll focus on ridding you of anything that stands in the way of your connection to All that Is. Together we will dig deep to heal, transform and integrate those parts of you that had become fragmented, blocking your Life Force Energy from flowing with ease.


Month 2

Discovering your Unique Energy Flow

 Next we will find clarity about how your Unique Energetic Signature flows so that you’re operating at your fullest potential with ease and momentum. We will pin down things like what your life’s mission looks and feels like and begin activating that vision powerfully.

Month 3

Flowing with Life

Finally we will use conscious manifestation tools to set you on a course toward your largest dreams and goals. You will learn to paddle with inspired action and ride the wave of surrender with total presence, flowing with synchronicity and ease at the pace your Soul dictates. 


Here are the details:

12 weeks of 60-minute coaching via phone or Zoom (1x per week)

Weekly practice areas to guide and help you integrate the wisdom that we download together

Accountability to stay on track, motivated, encouraged and inspired

Soulful support to help you integrate emotional blocks that surface as you discover your flow

Personalized guided meditation mp3 that you can use anytime you feel out of sync

I’ve worked with a number of coaches in my past and none of them compare to Danielle. Danielle is truly on another level. She is the real deal; she’s deeply wise, intuitive and gifted. Her heart-centered approach is both comforting and inspiring and has made me a more confident, at-ease individual. Our coaching sessions are full of divine guidance, honest inquiry and impactful exercises that have made a tremendous difference for me in healing; like inner child work, higher-self conversations and visioning. In each session I feel nurtured, seen and empowered. I’m clear that on a soul level, I was meant to work with Danielle, and I’m so happy that I leaned in because I have never had more personal and spiritual growth in my life. If you want to grow into your sovereignty, learn more about your spiritual nature and/or receive assistance in following your soul’s purpose or journey, you will absolutely benefit from working with Danielle.  




One Time Payment

of $3000

3 Monthly Payments

of $1000

Please note: I generally have a six-week waiting list for new clients
Please set up an introductory call right away so I can get you in my schedule!


What if three months isn't enough time?

If your transformation takes longer than three months, I have a month-to-month offering, allowing you to continue support from me at a monthly rate of $925

Will this work? Will my life really get easier if I participate in this program?

Ease, synchronicity and flow are a state of consciousness which we will help you become attuned to, yes. Over the course of 12 weeks you will be equipped with the wisdom and tools to tune into this state more and more, and please also realize that the focused practice is ultimately up to you

How is this different than therapy?

While traditional therapy addresses and helps you to heal your past, I address a mixture of your past, present and future focusing primarily on championing you to move forward powerfully. In our sessions together we will work to integrate your shadows, wounds or past aspects bringing them back to the Present moment, as well as anchoring your future vision into the Present moment.

My very first session with Danielle felt like reconnecting with that old friend you can share anything with. Danielle has a very calming and loving presence and makes me feel like my whole self, my higher self, is truly seen.



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