Genie in a Body

Genie in a Body

Years back I was introduced to a powerful teaching that has changed my life forever….

 Since learning and applying this teaching in my own life I’ve gone on to create dream jobs, dream projects, dream apartments, exotic travels, my soulmate and life partner, plenty of abundance always flowing into my life, and the list goes on! 

 This teaching says that we are each powerful co-creators, creating our personal and collective realities all the time. I learned that I am in fact a “genie in a body,” a term I coined years back for it’s adorable (might I say 😉 yet palpable explanation of who we truly are and what we are capable of. No one outside of ourselves is the genie we’ve been looking for… It’s us! And always has been!

 I was introduced to this teaching when I read the book The Secret. Unlike most who thought The Secret was cool but didn’t really practice using it or thought it was woo woo and walked away, I felt a deep resonance with it and knew within every fiber of my being that it’s real and that it works.

 I’m originally from Nebraska and after spending my entire life there, then graduating college there, I made a big move out to NYC to follow my dream of becoming a fashion designer.  During this time in 2009, the job market was crap after the big market crash the year before. I arrived in this competitive city without a top design school on my resume, among every girl and their dog also coveting a fashion designer position. The odds seemed like they were stacked against me.

 I remember curling up with The Secret in my small New York apartment, drinking up every little ounce of this amazing information. Yes, yes! As I read the text “you attract what you think about most” and “ask, believe, then receive!” I thought, I’m going to apply this in my own life!

 Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with The Secret or the law of attraction, I’ll fill you in a bit. The law of attraction states that your consciousness is constantly emitting a frequency and this frequency is created by your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions. Everything in our universe is actually made up of energy and everything has a frequency. Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is working all the time and causes us to draw to us things that resonate with or match our frequency. So people, places or events that match our frequency are drawn right to us.

 So for example: When you broadcast mostly thoughts that are judgmental, self-defecating, mean-spirited, negative, these are thoughts which are lower vibrational in nature (meaning the frequency is lower and denser) you attract to you other people that are emitting this same frequency. The the opposite is true: When you think or radiate more positive thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions you’ll be attracting more positive people and experiences. Down to the locations or situations you find yourself in, what you’re vibrating determines what you experience, every time all the time.

 You can think of it like karma.  Take for example that you were really rude to someone on the subway today, then you will at some point experience that same kind of treatment back in some way or another whether it’s later that day or possibly in a year from now. If you believe in karma then you can get behind the law of attraction, as it’s basically saying the same thing.

So to use the law of attraction in the most beneficial way you’ll want to monitor your thoughts and direct them toward ones that are high vibe (aka loving, positive, etc) so that you’re matching to higher vibrational situations, circumstances, places and people. Also, think about what you WANT to experience, not what you DON’T want to experience. A general rule of thumb, if you’re thinking thoughts that make you FEEL GOOD/peaceful, joyful, etc you’re on the right track!

 Now, you can even attract to you precise experiences you’d like to have by getting really good at directing your thoughts and energy. This blew my mind at first, but excited me to no end. I found out that it starts with the story you tell. So I decided to tell a new story. My old story was that the job market sucks, no one in the industry will take me seriously because I didn’t go FIT or Parson’s, and I don’t have enough intern experience to get a job as a fashion designer. Now, had I continued to think and believe these things, I would have continued attracting those experiences—No jobs available, no one hiring me, and I probably would have had to move back to Nebraska or something. But I chose a brand new positive and uplifting story…

 From that moment forward I started acting “AS IF”—As if I already had a job as a fashion designer, as if I was making a salary and being paid for what I loved doing: designing clothing. Everyday I would affirm that I already was a fashion designer. Some days I believed it and some days I found it hard to believe, but I did my best. I would sketch in my notebook and pretend the sketches were being used for my job’s next assignment. When I went to networking events I would tell strangers that I was a fashion designer (even thought I wasn’t yet!)

 Meanwhile, I took temp jobs as a sales person at a French pajama boutique in the West Village, a dish washer and errand-runner for a graphic design firm in SoHo, an intern for a specialty dress atelier. But during these side jobs I kept up my affirmations, TRULY BELIEVING that I would soon be a full-time fashion designer. I remember almost giving up hope after seven months of side jobs, little pay and no full-time work in sight. I mean, I could have taken fashion production jobs, fashion sales jobs, as they had become available to me, but this was not my dream. I wanted a designer job. The same week I felt like giving up, my friend who I had interned with at the dress atelier gave me a call. She just got a full-time job as a technical designer and her company was looking for an assistant designer. She had automatically thought of me!

 I went in for the interview, showed them my sketches from college, showed my keen interest for learning and growing and producing great results and… voila! I was hired the very next day. I went on for a year and a half at that company designing teen girl’s denim for brands like Mudd Jeans and Hotkiss, sold at department stores like Khol’s and Macy’s. I bedazzled the back pockets of jeans, sketching fun styles, washes, using embroidery and sequin embellishments. It was a lot of fun! And the best part was: I was now a full-time fashion designer!

 Like I said in the beginning of this article, I’ve since used the law of attraction to attract my dream apartments, vacations, my soulmate, you name it! And many times it doesn’t even take that long to come to fruition.  

 When you begin using your manifestation abilities and realizing you truly are a “genie in a body,” people in your life will wonder how you’re doing what you’re doing. Trust me, most people don’t have a clue as to how I’m able to live in and travel to exotic locations, hosting transformational retreats alongside my incredible soulmate. Even I’m amazed at how my life is unfolding sometimes, but it’s not THAT surprising because I’ve used my co-creative abilities to dreamt it all up first!


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