How Wild Spirit Fire, the book, came to be…
It was 2014 and I had just graduated from my life coach and leadership training program. I had also just discovered plant medicines, and working with the plant consciousness had opened up the channel ways to my Higher Self.
I remember going to different coffee shops in between my client calls and practicing automatic writing in my notebook for hours. If you don’t know, automatic writing is produced by channeling a higher force, like your Higher Self, God Source, The Universe, or beings from a higher dimension (rather than from your mind or personal experience.)
My spiritual gifts were starting to come online and it felt like a book was coming through, even though it didn’t quite read as one. I had been inspired by the works of Abraham-Hicks, which I had been an avid listener of for years. I welcomed being able to channel this kind of divine wisdom, this higher spiritual knowledge that could help others out of painful perspectives and fear-based choices and into higher, more heavenly realities.
A friend of mine at the time was very intuitive and could speak to my Spirit Guides. One day they had a message for me: You are practicing your automatic writing but it will be a little while before the book is ready to come through in its entirety. I was totally at peace with this, as I had plenty of other things to focus on and create in the meantime.


Wild Spirit Fire Book
Fast forward about seven years and I get a LinkedIn Message from a man asking if I had ever considered writing a book. Well, yes I have! I answered and got on the phone with him a few days later. After discussing his book writing mentorship services, I signed up right then and there.
Starting in the fall of 2019 I began what was supposed to be a six month contract to write and complete a book. Well, six months flew by and I ended up extending the contract and I spent that first year trying to write a book about spirituality from my personal experiences and the wisdom gleaned from them – but I continued bumping up against perfection and overwhelm.
At the end of that first year, 2020, I almost completely gave up… but what really happened was that I surrendered – and there is a difference!

I know that we all have painful stories, but it’s what we do with those stories that determines the quality of our lives.

If you don’t know, Rapé pronounced “ha-peh” or “rapay”, is a fine, ground up shamanic snuff used by indigenous tribes ceremonially to induce visions and gain clarity, to call upon the supportive forces of nature, and to bring about healing, energy and strength. Basically you blow this powdered snuff up each of your nostrils using a Kuripe (a pipe which the powder travels through.)
In this particular Rapé session of mine, messages started coming to me audibly in the form of words, and not just a hodgepodge of words, but words in perfect sentences. I did my best to write down these messages afterward, but there were too many to remember. So, during the next session, I decided to speak the messages aloud and to record my voice. That channeled message ended up being about 40 minutes long.
It had quite a few pauses in between the messages as I was just beginning to learn how to tune my frequency to receive the words. I took that very first channeled voice recording of mine, edited out the gaps, and turned it into a video with music – and you can actually find this video on my YouTube Channel here:
It wasn’t too long after this that I realized I could simply channel the book using this method.
My mentor supported me in starting over completely. I channeled through all new chapter titles and went to work filling in each of the chapters with channeled messages. And after hundreds of Rapé sessions, here we are today with the finished work coming out this month!
As I mentioned, surrender is different than giving up because surrender in the context I am referring to it in, means surrendering to a higher power. Surrender is one major component to channeling but there are a number of steps one must take to prepare themselves to become an empty vessel and truly be able to channel from a higher realm.
If you are interested in learning how to channel divine messages or inspiration, I am launching a course about this! Shoot me a message to let me know your interest and I will notify you when enrollment opens.
And stay tuned for the announcement I’ll make when Wild Spirit Fire hits Amazon. We’re going to see what’s possible to widen distribution by having all those who are interested in purchasing a copy to do so the day it goes on sale. Shoot me a message if you’re interested in supporting the cause and bringing this book, which I do feel will change lives, to a wider audience.

With Boundless Love,

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