What Clients are Saying

I can’t recommend working with Danielle enough! Throughout my time with her, I’ve felt so supported and held through many transitions and challenges on my way to living a more embodied and authentic life. I know whenever I have a session I am safe to be, and feel and say whatever I need. Her ability to hold that space has been invaluable. Danielle has been an integral partner along my journey and I’m so grateful to have her as a coach. 

Arianna Ross, Los Angeles CALIFORNIA

Manager, Customer Marketing, Calm

I’ve been blessed to be guided by Danielle during multiple ceremonies and healing sessions in the US and in Bali. The quality of her love and devotion to healing and uplifting humanity is truly out-of-this-world and very much inspiring. She’s taken on a mission to help us recover our full powers and align with our highest selves’ true purpose, and she will do all it takes to get us there. If you feel like you’re meant for more and you need activation and guidance, do not hesitate one moment, trust your intuition and engage with this most powerful, loving light worker.

Aude Olivia Dufour, Montreal, Canada

Author and entrepreneur

Danielle is a true gift from the universe. She not only is the most gentle, loving soul, but also is the guru for manifestation! She differentiates the heart’s true desires from the ego’s. She makes everyone feel extremely safe to open up and expose their vulnerability and makes it feel so comfortable and nonjudgmental. Danielle is the person to go to for seeking your dreams, goals and your true self!

Selina Russell, san clemente, CAlifornia

holistic Catering

Before the Women’s Immersion retreat, I felt a calling to dig deeper and expand my spirituality. Not knowing what that looked like, Danielle gracefully taught exactly that and more. To be in a circle of women supporting what you have to offer is so inspiring and I felt the pure love and power we all hold. I left buzzing! My vibration was contagiously high and I am so excited to use the tools I learned in my daily life.

Micaela Rinaldi, San Diego, California

Animal care Specialist

The presence and gentleness that Danielle exudes is inspiring. I couldn’t help but want to know more about her journey to becoming the shining, strong woman she is today.  With such radical honesty, she shared her story with us at her OneHearTribe retreat in Bali, Indonesia, and I felt immediately connected to her struggles and her triumphs. She is certainly a brilliant soul who has a deep understanding of the application of the intentional manifestation process, on which she has shaped her life; a life of deep authenticity and creativity, that I admire and wish to continue learning to emulate. Her part in assisting me to further my own evolution is undeniable, and I would recommend working with her if you, too, are seeking to achieve higher levels of your own potential.

Sarah Bergeron, Montreal canada

Professional Writer

In working with Danielle I’m finding greater freedom in my relationships. I’m able to have those tough, honest conversations which used to scare me in the past. I am now a safe space for others to express themselves openly, and this is particularly because Danielle has helped me cultivate so much more grace and compassion for myself. In your session, if you have a spiritual question for her, she has an answer, but it’s always delivered in a soft, open way, not a know-it-all kind of way. If you’re looking for a seasoned coach to truly help you embody your Higher Self, then I’m excited to tell you that Danielle is the coach for you!

Kaitlin Meek, Los Angeles CALIFORNIA

People Geek, CULTURE AMP

I’m so blessed to surround myself with powerful women who elevate and support me. Danielle, you inspire me in your relationship, in your career, with your integrity, strength, caring and zest for the unknown.

Maya Eller, Long Beach, California

executive chef/owner, phinom cusine

The coaching sessions I have received from Danielle have far exceeded my expectations. Her unique blend of talents, strengths and perspectives have helped me work through blocks that kept me stuck for years. She is truly a thought leader that has inspired and empowered me in acheiving my most important goals. 

Victoria Silken Clay, Arkansas

Reiki Master

Danielle is one of the kindest and raw women I know. She is a master manifester, a woman flowing in unison with the divine feminine. She is a healer with her story weaving, an encourager and motivator with her teachings, and a brilliant sistar from a past life. She is love and grace wrapped up into an open book of heart felt truths. I am grateful for the deep healing that took place during one of our soundbaths, though I was off in another place with beautiful beings of light, I felt her gentle touch and heard her soothing voice as she helped me release tears I had buried deep down inside. She encourages me to continue to be vulnerable even if I think I can’t endure the pain. Danielle is a force to be reckoned with.

Gabriela Wolf, Nosara, Costa Rica

visual Artist

A couple of years ago, I hit a wall in my career and my ambitions in life. The last year of my life has been an exercise in self-reflection and self-awareness to not just find my passion, but also to expand my range of influence personally and professionally. During that time, Danielle was my coach over a ten-week span. She knew just the advice to give that allowed me to grow consistently as I reached for new challenges in my life. She listens so that you are heard and your concerns are met and she does this with tact, compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. She doesn’t give you the answers to questions, but allows you to discover them for yourself. The difference might be subtle, but it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having a lasting impression.

Jun Villanueva, Los Angeles CAlifornia

Product Developer, disney

Thank yo so much Danielle. I am so grateful for you and the amazingly positive impact you have had on my life and outlook on all of this (death in the family.) Thank you for sharing beautiful words of wisdom with us all. You have helped me so much. 

nicole lembo, Denver Colorado

nutritional counselor, purium products

Danielle is so refreshing and bright. When she walks into a room everyone is aware of her presence. She speaks from her heart and brings real life experiences into every lesson she teaches. An old soul with passion, she truly cares for the needs of others. She is a Goddess.

Ryan Wolf, vancouver, canada

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Meeting Danielle for the first time in Bali was incredible. She truly opened my heart with all of her love. Danielle has transformed the way I see and connect to other women. She is a beautiful soul that has transformed my life by showing me how to care for my inner child. I am touched and inspired by her perspective and gentle way of being. I appreciate Danielle’s leadership and guidance during our beautiful retreat in Bali.

Evelina Abayeva, San Pedro, CAlifornia

Yoga Instructor

Danielle is such a beautiful and loving soul. She’s a highly intuitive and authentic woman who knows where her power lies. She also knows how to bring out the best in people and how to guide them on their journey of self-discovery. She carries a lot of wisdom in her heart and is amazing at gently prodding and encouraging people to go in the direction that suits them best.

Kasia Sipowska, London, England

Fashion Designer



Find your Flow is a 3-month one-on-one coaching immersion designed to help spiritual seekers liberate their heart and mind, live their purpose and incorporate greater ease and flow into their daily lives.


Embodied Bloom: The Divine Feminine Principles of Creation is an eight-week online group program designed to guide you to living in your highest creation, rooted firmly in your Feminine Magic.


Creative Retreats are in-person gatherings meant for opening your creative channels, transforming limitations, relaxing and connecting intimately in beautiful, cozy settings.