The Voice Within

I’m sitting here in a co-working space in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve just finished a “deep dive” session with 6 people in my business incubator group who helped me come up with a handful of topics I can cover on my website (aka share with you!) As I mull through the brightly-colored sticky notes filled with topic ideas I hear a vaguely familiar song start playing from the bathroom speaker… and I gasp.

At first I’m not sure if this is the same song I’m thinking of, and I put my ear up against the bathroom wall to see. It’s stirring up a lot of emotion either way.

“Young girl, don’t cry, I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall…”

OMG. It is.

It’s Christina Aguilera’s 2002 song “The Voice Within.”

I pull it up on Youtube so I can hear it better, and I’m incredibly moved as I sing along to the whole thing while crying.

I hadn’t heard this song in years. After it was over I sit here amazed at how freakin’ SYNCHRONISTIC (another post) this world is when we pay attention to the signs. And my sign is to write to you about trusting the voice within.

First let me give you a little back story about why the song struck such a deep chord within me. In high school I dealt with all the high school girl issues: bullying, jealously, cliques, boy issues, you name it! Luckily barely anything was online so I didn’t have to deal with all that, but my heart goes out to young girls today who do.

When I was a senior in high school I faced a situation where every single one of my friends stopped talking to me. At the time I didn’t know if they would ever speak to me again. I had done that thing that no girl is supposed to do…I made out with my friend’s boyfriend. Major girl code breaking as you know.

After extraordinary guilt and my friend who’s boyfriend I had kissed begging me for the truth, I fessed up. Although I wasn’t able to explain to her that her boyfriend fed me beers and told me everything a young girl who had daddy issues and low self- esteem needed to hear to get me to make out with him. I wasn’t able to explain this because a.) at the time I didn’t realize why I had done it and b.) she hung up too fast. So I was left feeling slightly better for telling the truth but exceedingly worse the next Monday when I had to walk down the halls while each of my friends pretended like I didn’t exist. Even my very best friends joined the bandwagon and shunned me. I felt like Emma Stone in the movie ‘Easy A.’

After weeks and weeks of the silent treatment I remember sitting in my room feeling miserable. I couldn’t focus on homework, I couldn’t focus on anything but my current social standing and if I’d ever be accepted or have friends again. I seriously wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue living.

Then that Christina Aguilera song came on. 

“Young girl, don’t cry I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall.

Young girl, it’s alright. Your tears will dry, you’ll soon be free to fly…”

And I started crying… profusely.

I felt comforted by the lyrics, they soothed me. It felt like someone did care about me (in this case Christina Aguilera) and I used the song to invoke some sort of hope for my future.

I pushed all my homework to the side, took out my notecards and wrote all of the song lyrics out, then proceeded to tape the cards all around the crown molding of my room’s walls.

The entire song spoke to me on so many levels but this was the part I really took with me from that moment on:

When there’s no one else

Look inside yourself

Like your oldest friend

Just trust the voice within

Then you’ll find the strength

That will guide your way

You’ll learn to begin

To trust the voice within

After around ten weeks of no friends, no talking, nada, I didn’t know what to do. Then I clearly heard a voice within. It told me it was time to forgive myself. I had been ridden with guilt and it had eaten away at me for weeks, but at this point I was pretty fed up with the whole thing. I agreed that forgiving myself was probably warranted.

As soon as I stopped beating myself up and truly forgave myself for my actions, my friend Sara passed me a note at school and wanted to talk. Then Libby, and then the rest of them. Eventually my best friends apologized for having ditched me and my friend who’s boyfriend I kissed forgave me too. In fact, I’m still friends with her to this day. She’s married (to a different guy!) with two beautiful kiddos.

Our voice within is actually our Higher Self, guiding us and sending us signs and messages all the time. Whether we pay attention is up to us. Some people hear messages from within audibly, some people see visions or pictures in their mind’s eye, some people “just know”, like all of sudden they just know the answer and it’s usually with one hundred percent accuracy, some people feel, like after saying something to a friend they get goosebumps all over their body, which is their higher self confirming “yes!” or indicating “there’s importance here” to what they just expressed. There are many ways to interact with our higher guidance. You might even hear a song on the radio that has lyrics which relate to exactly what you’re going through right now, like in my Christina Aguilera example. Know that it’s a sign and pay attention! Only you know how special these important messages are because they’re tailored specifically for you! When we pay attention to and follow the guidance from our Higher Self or inner voice we automatically align with our highest expression in this life. So it’s my absolute recommendation to start LISTENING to your voice within. Use these exercises below to get started! And always remember, you’re loved, supported, and guided at all times.


A great way to start hearing (or seeing/feeling/knowing) messages from our Higher Self is by meditating and practicing mindfulness. When our mind is cluttered, chaotic or running in circles we can’t hear that clear, crisp, wise voice, we can only hear our ego’s thoughts taking center stage and running the show.

  • Start by meditating 10 minutes per day. Train yourself to soothe the mind’s/or ego’s chatter so your higher self can come through more clearly. 
  • Ask your voice within questions. You can ask your questions before meditation and see what comes up while you meditate. You might see colors, images, visions through your third eye, you might feel comforted about a certain situation, like a warm fuzzy feeling might come over you, or you might just KNOW what to do next for example. Be open to how you might be shown the answers to your questions. You can also ask your questions before you go to bed and see what shows up in your dreams.
  • When making a decision, put your hand on your heart. This will direct your consciousness toward your heart center where the larger part of you actually dwells. You will then be more in tune with your voice within so that you can make a choice from this place


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