Why Self-Responsibility will Change the World

I have been practicing “self-responsibility” for the past five years. I learned how to embody this way of life in the first coaching and leadership program that I ever participated in. It goes like this: If you take one hundred percent responsibility for your life, you are empowered. When you don’t, you fall victim to the circumstances and people around you.

Today I practice modeling leadership and self-responsibility in my daily life so that others can learn from this valuable mindset. When it comes across my line of sight, I point out things that are not in integrity with businesses and organizations that I’m either involved with or I frequent. Of course, when I point things out like this, I do it with neutrality, compassion and the intention of helping to improve things… that’s key!

Either way, I don’t always get an enthusiastic reaction. Today I expressed to a barista at a cafe which I enjoy going to that the same mistake has now been made twice. One of their menu items had the wrong price marked on the menu. Each time, even though the menu said $2.85 for their chai latte, they charged me $2 extra for it. I pointed it out so that they could finally correct it on their menu, knowing it would improve their business. Of course, I care to pay the correct price (especially if it’s less!) but to me it’s more about helping this business stay in integrity.

Some people wouldn’t speak up, they would just pay up, being afraid they would be “rocking the boat.” Many people would point it out so they wouldn’t have to pay extra. But to do it from a sincere place within, to help another person or company because you actually care… now that’s a powerful thing. Personally, I wouldn’t want to just turn away and let someone walk around with spinach in their teeth the rest of the day. I like to help people see things they can’t always see for themselves.

Anyway, after pointing this out, the barista said, “Well, I don’t make the menu.” And immediately, I felt the victim energy within her response.

Coming from the perspective of self-responsibility, when you work somewhere, you are automatically a part of that collective no matter how much you resist or resent it. You have just as much responsibility to make sure things are working out well as the owner or “the menu maker” does. If the business suffers, you suffer, and you may even get a pay cut or lose your job because of it. Your energy makes a big difference for the whole, and when you play victim it has an impact on the company and its reputation.

It actually IS your responsibility to show up and do the best that you can do, even if it means going a little out of your way to report a mistake in the menu to your manager. And don’t you want to work in a thriving environment anyway? With your every action, you’re voting whether you work in a thriving, harmonious, enjoyable place or one that is breaking down, conflicted or forsaken.

The way this barista showed up today is a microcosm of a macrocosm in our current society. Victim energy has poisoned our world for millennia. Most people say they can’t do anything about the status of our world, they point fingers at the president and governmental officials and say it’s all up to them… So whether our world survives or not is all up to Trump? If that were the case, then dear God, help us!

By saying this, by feeling this way, we give ALL our power away. 

The song ‘Waiting on the World to Change’ by John Mayor just came on and it illustrates my point exactly. Are we waiting for someone else to come in and rescue us or are we taking things into our own hands?

When you take full responsibility for your life and what you’re co-creating, things go so much smoother. And I don’t mean beating yourself up when things go sideways, I just mean knowing that you have the power to change what isn’t working in your life. And you have the responsibility to show up not only for yourself, but also for the greater good. Why? Because your actions, your energy, they actually do make a big impact, on all of us! That’s great news because your innate talents, gifts and expertise are needed and welcomed! If you haven’t noticed, you ARE a powerful co-creator! And let’s be honest, this world needs ALL of our liberated perspectives to unify our efforts and change the status quo… one empowered individual at a time.

Danielle is a transformational coach and speaker, and co-founder of Women Breaking Plates. She was formerly a successful fashion designer, with her designs featured in publications like Seventeen Magazine. Today she assists clients in stepping into their authentic power, remembering the true co-creative forces that they are.

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